Fall is here!

Hi Families,
There are so many new things taking place in our classroom! Krish Thakkar and Crews both had birthdays on the same day, and are now three years old! Woo-Hoo! We also would like to welcome Arnav Pradeep and his family to our classroom. They are not foreign to Wood Acres. We are HAPPY to have them as an extension to our classroom framily!
The students have been busy learning and observing ALL THINGS FALL- with much enthusiasm. We have been experimenting mixing primary colors to create fall colors, going on scavenger hunts, and reading all about Fall. We are slowly introducing the students to 1:1 correspondence (early math skills). Check out the pictures below. I apologize for the delay! Thank you to Juan (Giovani’s) dad who was are infamous mystery last week. He even read us stories in Spanish!-

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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