Finally cooler weather…..


First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for donating to the Clark family. We were able to present them with a $350 Publix gift card AND a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Monique Clark. WOW!!! That went above and beyond Mrs. Lindey’s and my hopes. Kenneth seemed shocked, caught off guard, and very grateful. Thank you!!!

We are finishing Superkids unit 5&6 this week. We will have our end of level test on Tuesday and will have the word list test on Friday. Continue practicing doubling up the consonants before adding /ing/ and /ed/. We have had LOTS of additional practice these past few weeks in class.

The Halloween book report and pumpkin are due this Thursday.
Please use the form to complete the report.
Your child needs to fill out the first page (about the character) and the second page is to be written like a Footprint; a summary of the story.
The report, pumpkin, and book all need to be handed in at the same time.
You can start bringing the pumpkins in (WITH book and written report) as early as tomorrow. We will begin presentations on Thursday.
Report cards go home this Tuesday. They need to be returned with your signature on Wednesday. I will have a copy to give you (your child) once I received the signed original.
**PLEASE remember….if your child receives a ‘S’, that does not correlate with the letter grade ‘C’…that means they are doing satisfactory work at the beginning of the school year as a first grader. As I told everyone at conferences, I do not give out many ‘E'(s) in the first quarter; that needs to be earned which shows growth throughout the school year.

As we enjoy the cooler weather, especially in the mornings, please remember to send your child in with a sweater or jacket.