Happy Halloween to one and all!

Well, this weather sure looks and feels like October and the pot of chili simmering on our stove is a reminder that I really love this time of year. Happy Fall Y’all!

My treat for all of us is to NOT have any homework for your student and me on Halloween night, so there will not be a math-help session on Wednesday after school. However, the next few days will be busy as we wind down a chapter in math, Grammar Unit 2, and reading chapters. Here is a quick note on what’s coming up this week:

Monday, October 29 – Open-book novel quiz over Chapters 5-8.
Review has happened so we should be in good shape.

Tuesday, October 30 – Unit 2 Noun Test and Units 1 & 2 Mastery Spelling Test.
Practice and review was done in class.
Wednesday, October 31 – Happy Halloween!!!
Turkey legs decorated and returned to school.
No math-help session
Thursday, November 1 – CYP math quiz over Chapter 3 Addition & Subtraction
Friday, November 2 – Chapter 3 math test
Monday, November 5 – Quarterly Test over math Chapters 1-3

Hopefully, you have heard or seen our next and probably my favorite project, the Thanksgiving Turkey Legs Family. In your student’s homework or Friday folder, you should find information regarding this two-part project. The creative part is completed at home, and the written part will be done in class this upcoming week. Please find some time this weekend for your student to dress and decorate the turkey legs needed to look like their family members. I’ve explained and shown our 4th graders examples of previous families, and now it’s time for your student’s creative juices to flow and show-off their own style of fashion. The turkey legs are due back to school by Wednesday, so this project is on display by Friday, November 2 for all of us to eat up and enjoy.

Now it’s time to get ready to watch the Bulldogs and Gators play some good old-fashioned football. Go Dawgs!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher