October is My Favorite Color

Dear Parents,

Another lovely October week has been completed in Kindergarten!

In the past two weeks, we finished our lessons with Sal and were greeted by another Superkid, Lily! Lily Ping loves lullabies and her stuffed animal lions Lass and Lad. She also teaches important lessons on feelings of being left out and making new friends! This unit will have your child focusing on the letter L and it’s sound, as well as learning how to write the letter.

On Friday, we didn’t skip a beat and met another awesome SuperKid, Icky! Icky is short for Ichabod and he loves to watch tv to learn all sorts of interesting things. Icky focuses on the short I sound, like in the words interesting, India, inchworm, and igloo!

Science had us scurrying around campus to compare leaves and tree bark. We also collected different leaves to complete a leaf rubbing in class. We found Maple, Oak and of course, Ginko leaves! On Wednesday, we paired up and headed back outside to find more leaves. This time, each student was asked to compare and contrast between their leaf and their partners’ leaf! We learned quite a bit about data, comparing and differences and most importantly, working together to complete an assignment. We also paired up this week to make our very own Leaf Men! The kids really love splitting up into pairs to work with a partner and it’s been so great to see new friendships form and ideas at work!

In Spanish this week, we are learning about the parts of the body, as well as directions (up, down, etc). For P.E., Mrs. Goodson has been having the class train for the one-mile run! They paced themselves and did an impressive four laps around the quad. Afterward, we all played a game of Hide the Football and Mrs. Barlow’s team won! YEAH! In the computer lab, we are still working on learning the placement of the keyboard and in art, we’re venturing into an underwater world with oil crayons (I know you’ll just adore the finished product which Mrs. Barlow sent home on Friday).

Social studies has been keeping us thinking lately and the class is all ears when the lessons start. We previously learned about the Abenaki tribe and this week we introduced the Anasazi tribe. I brought in some turquoise jewelry for the kids to pass around, but the big hit was the giant Yucca plant I brought in. The Anasazi used the Yucca plant for many things, but the coolest one had to be that they used the skin to make shoes!

Math may be getting tougher, but our class is always ready for a challenge! I’m proud of their work and that they are confident in themselves. They never shy away from asking a question if they don’t understand a concept completely! We started off last week learning numbers 0-3 and at the end of today, had completed all the way to 10! Our in-class assignments started focusing on simple addition, so be sure to check your child’s folder daily to see their awesome progress! The kids also learned about fewest, most and equal sets.

Since our last update, we’ve had another two VIP’s as well! Eva was our VIP the week of October 15th. She loves pizza, wants to be a gymnast when she grows up and has been to Disney five times! This week, Landon was our VIP. He wants to be a scientist when he grows up, loves the beach and is working towards his black belt in karate. That’s some serious dedication! Thank you both for sharing so many fun details about who you are!

With fall in full swing, I wanted to let you all know that Kindergarten will be having their very first field trip on Thursday, November 8th! We are in the process of working up all the details and once it’s finished we will send out the information. I know we are all so excited for this new adventure.

Also, our Thanksgiving Feast will be held on Thursday, November 15. Details are being worked out now and we will send out an email with all the special details soon. It’ll be the cutest day to spend with us feasting on turkey and singing songs!

Don’t forget, the Word of the Week is: HALLOWEEN!

With love,
Ms. Porto and Mrs. Barlow