5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of November 5th

ELA: On Monday, students will take their vocabulary test that covers terms from Chapters 9 and 10. Over the course of the week, we will read chapters 11-13 from our novel study, Shades of Gray. Our literature skill focus this week is types of conflict. We’ll review the various types of conflict found in this novel and practice identifying types of conflict in other outside examples. Character vs character, character vs self, character vs society, and character vs nature are the types we’ve be studying this week and next. In grammar, we will start our commas unit. The first two lessons comma when using introductory and closing elements. We’ll add notes to our binder and practice using these types of commas in our every day writing.

History: This week we’re going to study abolitionists that contributed to the growth of the anti-slavery feeling.We’ll study how slavery spread into the western lands and how Northerners responded to the idea. We’ll use a series of maps of the United states to visualize what was going on to the states during the Missouri Compromise of 1820, how the United States changed with the Compromise of 1850, and how the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 repealed the Missouri Compromise put in place only a few years before. We’ll learn how the North and South began to become more divided before the American Civil War began.

Math: A big thank you to the Williams and Hofeler family for making our Halloween pumpkin raffle possible through their donations! It was a fun opportunity to explore a variety of math concepts including circumference, measurement, divisibility rules, and decimal operations! Last week, we practiced finding equivalent fractions in lowest and greater terms. We also introduced the concept of mixed numbers and improper fractions. Students created fall themed banners modeling their understanding, which will be hanging in our windows soon! This week, students will learn the procedures for changing mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. We will also practice comparing fractions and mixed numbers.

Science: Last week, students were given a choice of completing the Handy Family Tree poster or the All About My Genes poster. They brought home a handout explaining the assignment and the materials needed to complete it. This assignment is fun way of exploring concepts we are currently learning within our Inheritance and Adaptations unit. The poster is due on Friday, November 9th. Last week in lab, students extracted DNA from an onion cell and we are currently exploring the concept of inherited traits.

Other: The 8th graders have started their 7th annual poinsettia fundraiser to raise funds for the 8th grade trip to Spain. They are selling small and large poinsettias this year. Order forms went home in Friday Folders and can also be found on the Wood Acres website to be filled out online. The form address is https://goo.gl/forms/MxtX67KnOaPzfBNC3 The deadline is Friday, November 16th.

Mrs. Bratcher is collecting candy for our troops, so bring in any left over candy by Friday, November 9th!

Week at a Glance:
-SOG Vocab Test Ch 9-10 Monday, November 5th
-Lit Circles covering Chapters 3 AND 4 on Tuesday, November 6th
– Handy Family Tree or All About My Genes poster due on Friday, November 9th
-Bring in Candy for Troops to Mrs. Bratcher by Friday, November 9th