Sunny Salutations

Hello Parents,

I hope you are out and about enjoying this unbelievable fall weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I brought home our sweet puppy, Ramsey, and today, my entire family will be celebrating four November birthdays and an early Thanksgiving feast. For me, this is definitely the best weekend ever!

This week in Reading, we will be wrapping up our novel; Tales of a 4th grade Nothing. We nearly finished reading the last chapter on Friday, but time ran out. On Friday, November 9, we will have the last assessments that will end this cute and productive novel study. Throughout this novel, we focused on finding the main idea and details from each chapter, increased our vocabulary and spelling, and expanded our writing skills when answering questions and journal responses, but we enjoyed laughing throughout each chapter which is by far the joy of reading.

In Math, we have one assessment left on addition and subtraction, and then it is time for multiplication and division. Now would be a great time to start reviewing and recalling all of the multiplication math facts that were taught last year. I do promise that the practice will come in handy as we tackle long multiplication and division in the weeks ahead.

In Grammar, we will begin a Unit 3 on Verbs which is the longest unit in our book and should take us into 2019. There will be some review but many new concepts will be learned and practiced as well.

Last but least, please talk to your student this weekend about the Holidays around the World. I’ve been teaching at Wood Acres for seventeen years and nine years in fourth grade, and this next project is my favorite part of the school year. Last Friday, I explained to our students that they will choose a country and present to us how children in that country celebrate during the holiday season. Here’s an opportunity to step out of East Cobb and learn about customs and traditions that happen around this great big world of ours.

If your own heritage and background is from a country that your student wants to teach us that would be out of this world. However, if your student would like to select a country from the Santa Hat and do research about the customs and traditions from that country that is fine as well. This holiday project is similar to a book report presentation because the research is done in school and project is completed at home.

In the morning, your student will let me know which option is best for this holiday project. All presentations will be given on Friday, November30 and you are invited to our dessert buffet that afternoon. I will be giving more details as we get further into this project.

I believe that’s it except we are now in the throes of potty- training and that’s not easy. Oh well, Ramsey’s a cutie and a keeper. Enjoy the rest of this amazing weekend, and I’ll be in touch soon.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher