Holidays are almost here!

Dear Wonderful Wood Acres families,

​ “Hello, Mr. Turkey How Are You? Hello, Mr. Turkey How Are You? With a gobble, gobble, gobble and a wobble, wobble, wobble. Hello, Mr. Turkey How Are You?” Ms. Wright and I hope this week’s newsletter finds you happy and healthy and singing this song in your sleep (as a result of your precious little one of course). This week, will be filled with gobble’s and wobble’s and oodles of turkey fun, as we shifted our focus from Halloween and pumpkins to turkeys. Our party on Wednesday was a HUGE success! Thank you again to Mrs. Holhan (Mary Kathryn’s mom / our room mom) and Mrs. Chan (Callie’s mom) of your help. It was beyond appreciated! The children had a fun day of boos and OOooo!

Our preparation for our Thanksgiving feast is well under way. The children will be making turkey headbands to wear when they do their presentation for you next week. We will create placemats and durning group activitie, we will discuss what we are thankful for. Ms. Wright and I are sure thankful for your little ones!

As we turn number five into number six the children will add another page to their number book this week. (“six sticks”) We will continue using the white boards this week to strengthen pincer grasp and practice writing the number “6″. It seems like we just started learning about numbers and we are already blazing our way to the number ten! The children will continue to identify and recognize objects in groups of six during our circle time. Circle time has taken on a new life this week as the children have become self motivated to lead it themselves. Under the guidance of Ms. Wright and I, the snack leader of the day chooses a friend to assist him/her in presenting circle time to the rest of the class. Not only are they LOVING being able to role play as the teacher, they are EXCELLING at mastering the different aspects we present during our morning routine (The Pledge of Allegiance, months of the year, days of the week, weather, number recognition/matching and story time).

We are now approaching the twelfth week of the Investigator Club. This week our objectives will be:

Math: “Perfect Math” – The objective is to match objects according to one or two attributes.

Social & Emotional: “Make Things Right” – The objective is to learn how to problem solve amongst one another.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support both in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Wright and I are extremely grateful for the group of parents we have this year.

Friendly reminders;
Fun Friday is wear you silliest socks to school.

Mystery reader is open. If you would like to be a part of our fun Friday please let us know. We would be more then happy to have you a part of our day!

Thanksgiving feast is being held on Nov 16th at 11:00 in our classroom. Invitations will be sent home on Monday along with assigned dishes. Please look for your invite in your child’s folder If you have any questions about the assigned dish please let me know and I would me more then happen to work something out with you if needed.

Have a terrific week!

Ms. Orsano & Ms. Wright