Saturday Salutations

Hello Everybody and Happy Weekend.

I wanted to send out a quick update before our Thanksgiving break begins on Friday, November 16 at 1:00. Just a reminder that there is early dismissal and no Tree house services on Friday.

However this Friday at 9:30, you are welcome to join our homerooms as we make sandwiches with our book buddies for this community service project. In years past, we have made nearly 800 sandwiches for Must Ministries, and I know we can match that number again. All fourth graders are asked to bring in 1lb on sliced lunchmeat such as turkey or ham and 1lb on sliced cheese either prepackaged or deli style. Our book buddies will each bring in 2 loaves of sliced bread. Condiments are not needed just helping hands. I will provide the baggies, plastic gloves, and empty boxes for all of the sandwiches that will be delivered and eaten that day by many Cobb County citizens. Thanks for joining us and helping us with this worthwhile cause.

Also this week, we are working towards finishing our novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. On Tuesday, November 13, there will be a spelling test, vocabulary quiz, and book test which includes a written summary which has been started in class. Your student may have a little work this weekend because chapter cards need completion or the vocabulary study guide needs corrections for a higher grade. Please ask your student if their reading homework needs to be done. Thank you.

We are handling the multiplication lessons fairly well, and there will be more learning and practicing throughout this week and 2018.

In Grammar, I was hoping we would have a grammar quiz on Thursday that covers the three tenses for verbs. I really didn’t want to wait until after our break, but time has quickly slipped away and I don’t think this quiz will happen.

Last but not least, I hope your student has told you about our Holidays around the World project. Last week, your student selected a country and will present to us how children in that country celebrate the holiday season. Research has begun and will continue this week in Technology and possibly at home. All of the presentations will be presented on Friday, November 30 and will count as a writing grade since there will be a written summary included with this holiday project. You are invited to join us for the Dessert Buffet at 1:30 and see all of the great projects and taste the delicious foods that will be brought in and presented by our students.

Speaking of food for the Dessert Buffet, this part of this project is totally optional. I completely understand how valuable our time is right now, but if your student is interested in bringing a store-bought item or a plate of baked goodies that would be out of this world. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Gracias, Merci, and Danke dir.

Take care, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher
The Wood Acres School