Nov.11, 2018 Newsletter

This past week, the class heard the flannel board story of the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims landing in America. Upon arriving at Plymouth Rock, they found nothing but the beach and forest. They couldn’t stay in homes or check into the nearest motel. They were hungry and cold. We learned how the Native Americans came to their rescue and taught the Pilgrims how to survive in their new land. When the food became plentiful, the Pilgrims decided to give thanks and invited the Native Americans for a 3 day feast. To this day, we still carry on the tradition of this first Thanksgiving.

On a personal note, the Pilgrims’ journey reminded me of my 7th paternal grandparents who took that long voyage, not from England, but France, to New Orleans in 1719 when the city was just 1 years old! Like the Pilgrims, they endured terrible hardships of hunger and disease and in Louisiana, add hurricanes and yellow fever! I am sure that many of your ancestors made the journey to America seeking a better life for themselves and their descendants. How fortunate we are that they made that courageous journey so we can be Americans!!

Also, in the early part of the 20th century, my maternal grandparents came to Louisiana
from Sicily as young adults for better opportunities. Life on the farm in Hammond, Louisiana was quite different from the small village life in Sicily.

Okay now, let’s fast forward to the present. We learned about number 6 through coloring, counting, stamping and tracing. The class had fun writing numbers in shaving cream! It’s a lot different using your finger!

Coming up this week: Number 7, Days of the Week, Patterning, Thanksgiving Food and “What are you thankful for?” The highlight of the week will come on Friday with our family lunch at 11:30. Please RSVP by email to Amanda Collins and sign up to bring a child- friendly dish on Shutterfly. Don’t forget there will be no Tree House on Friday afternoon. Everyone goes home by 12:45 or after lunch.

Happy Birthday to M.J. who turned 4 on Friday!!

Have a nice week ahead.
Wanda and Cindy

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