5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of November 26th

Math: When we return to school, we will review all the concepts we learned before the break and our chapter four unit test will be on Wednesday. Then, we will move forward with adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

Science: Students enjoyed building our edible DNA models as we learned how to decipher the genetic code! Students will then learn how mutations play a vital role in the concept of natural selection. Our unit will end soon, so please make sure students are reviewing their flashcards daily!

ELA: Students will meet on Monday for our second to last literature Circles meeting discussing chapters 7 and 8 in Turn Homeward, Hannalee. Students will then receive their final literature job to end the unit! We will take our final vocabulary test, covering chapters 14-17 in Shades of Gray on Tuesday. We will read our final chapter in Shades of Gray this week and then use a Venn Diagram to compare Shades of Gray with Turn Homeward Hannalee. We will also complete cumulative vocabulary activities that pick out the most important terms mentioned throughout the chapters. Students will be given a study guide that covers information from both books in preparation for the final test the following week. In grammar, we will review the first five comma lessons and then review commas with addresses, dates, titles, and letters. Our final comma lessons will cover quotations.

History: We will review Civil War vocabulary this week to review terms that you would see through our study of the American Civil War. We will create timelines of Abraham Lincoln’s life this week. The timeline will include his birth and death, along with other memorable events. We will use our new laptops to complete our research to complete the timeline!

Upcoming Dates:
-Lit Circles Meeting MONDAY 11/26
-SOG Ch 14-17 Vocabulary Test Tuesday 11/27
-Understanding Fractions unit test on Wednesday 11/28