December Book Report

As a group, we discussed books and examples of projects that may go along with a story of their choosing. Here are a few guidelines to remember.

1. The book must be “Winter” themed. It can be about snowmen, penguins, reindeer, gingerbread men, snow dogs, Santa, Hanukkah, and so many more!
2. The project can be about the setting, a favorite page, a few characters, or the main character. It is completely up to your child.
***The ‘project’ part must be something made to represent a scene from the story. Please, no drawing on a paper to present as a project. In years past, I have had students make gingerbread men to go along with their story, construct their display out of old boxes, used materials to represent their character out of cotton, Styrofoam, or clay. These are just a few endless examples of what to use or do when making the project.
3. The second page is to be written like a footprint with First, Next, Then, and Last as the transition words. They are to summarize the whole story, not just a part of the story.
4. Both the book report and project are due Monday, December 17th.