We all made it back from Thanksgiving break, happy and eager to talk to friends! The letter of the week was “C” and we are now talking all about patterns in Math. The kiddos picked up on this pretty quickly…ask them to tell you the many ways they can say a pattern. We have transitioned out of all the fall colors and now have the classroom looking snazzy with holiday colors. Callie the Cow has almost been to everyone’s home, just 2 more visits to go and then she can start all over again! She has had some awesome adventures. Looking forward, our holiday party will be on December 19th, kids only (in their pajamas), along with the few moms who signed up to help with this party. It will be here before we know it, so take some deep breaths and maybe just maybe we can slow time down a little bit! Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Mrs. Staggs