5th Grade Weekly Update Week of December 4th

Math: We finished our Understanding Fractions unit and the chapter test was sent home in Friday Folders. Please sign and return them on Monday. In our new unit, students will build upon the skills we learned in our previous chapter as we learn how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. A great way to practice at home is to have your child help out in the kitchen and learn how to adjust recipes to change the serving size! We will practice this skill with the recipes students choose for their Civil War food project!

Science: This week, we will conclude Investigation Five of our Inheritance and Adaptation Cell and begin preparing for a unit test. Our unit test will be Monday, December 10th. On that day, I will also collect data books to grade as a test/project grade. This week, I will send home the rubric that will be used to grade the data books.

ELA: On Monday, students will take the Shades of Gray/Turn Homeward Hannalee novel test. They can use their study guide, their story elements graphic organizer, and the Venn Diagramming the two novels to help them prepare for the test. Over the course of the week we will complete a couple of cumulative vocabulary activities to end the unit. Our last literature circles meeting will take place on Tuesday, this is also the last day to turn in the bonus assignment (Roswell Mill picture). The 10 bonus points will be added to the lowest lit circle grade. All six classwork grades will be averaged into a test/project grade. In grammar, we will review and practice commas in quotations.

History: We will compare advantages and disadvantages facing both sides during the Civil War and Scott’s anaconda strategy to win the war. One of the advances in technology used during the time period was the ironclad. We’ll take a look at the story of the Merrimack and Monitor and create a foldable to go into our interactive notebooks. After more vocabulary practice throughout the week, we’ll end the week with a test on the civil war vocabulary terms given out the week before last. The test will take place on Friday and will consist of matching and completing the sentence.

Other: We will meet with Book Buddies on Friday to decorate gingerbread houses!

Week at a Glance:
-Monday: SOG/THH Test and Civil Food Recipe due (NOT FOOD, JUST CONFIRMING RECIPE)
-Tuesday: Last Lit Circle Meeting/Last day for Extra Credit
-Friday: Civil War Vocab Test