A Thankful November

Dear Parents,

My how time flies! We certainly did have a busy November. It was one that was filled with friends, field trips and feasts!

In Super Kids, we have met and finished learning about Icky (short for Ichabod), Tic, Tac and Toc (what a tongue twister!) and just met our newest Super Kid Fritz on Thursday. The entire class has been doing such an amazing job with their word list tests, as well as in their daily handwriting assignments. Soon we’ll be introducing the Super Kids Club, which will be a blending of the letters that we’ve learned.

Math has gotten tougher too, but WOW what a great group of mathematicians we have! We have worked on numbers 0-25 since early November and we’re going to keep on going! The lessons have introduced addition to the kids and I have been working with the class before each lesson with our cube counters so that they’ll have an added visual of what a number will look like. I think this has been a tremendous help for them in understanding each number. I also introduced groups of numbers last week. For example, one group of ten and another group of ten make twenty. Everyone picked up on the concept pretty quickly too! Starting next week, I will start sending home weekly math homework for your child to work on as well.

In Science, we finished up our fall unit which focused on leaves, plants, trees, and pumpkins. Mrs. Barlow sent home their completed packet last week with your childs work. I hope you were able to check out their observations and data! Last week we went into the science lab to work on the importance of details, observation, and labeling when working on a scientific investigation.

We finished our unit in social studies on Native Americans and learned so much about the First Nations. Margo’s Dad, Mr. Neily, was kind enough to build our class a tipi too! Currently, we’re learning about holidays around the world. Aanika’s Mom came to visit and talked about Diwali festival to all the kids and we all did beautiful crafts and learned about the festival of lights. On Friday, Sean’s parents and Margo’s Mom stopped by to talk about Hanukkah. Everyone enjoyed their special treats and had a blast playing with the dreidel.

We’ve also had a few VIP’s since our last blog post too: Dylan, Polly and Margo! Each one of you made some great VIP boards about yourselves and what you love most! Thank you all for sharing and going on adventures with Presley, I know he really had a great time with you all!

Our very first field trip was last month too! We went on a trip to the Fernbank museum where we saw dinosaur bones, learned about arrowheads, saw a real dugout canoe and watched a 3D movie about butterflies. While it was an amazing trip, I think the ride on the school bus into downtown Atlanta may have been a winner too!

Thank you all again for attending our Thanksgiving feast before break. The kids worked so hard on memorizing their songs and they were so very excited to share that with you. It was a great feast, which couldn’t have happened without all of you! Mrs. Barlow and I are truly blessed to have wonderful students and wonderful parents.

With love,
Ms.Porto and Mrs.Barlow