Perfect Week!

Happy Friday!

As we wrap up another week, we find ourselves another week closer to not only winter break but also the new year!

This week I challenged the kids to come up with 50 words that start with P; they blew that number away and we ended up getting 105 words to fill the board! Along with our list of P words, we did Plenty of puzzles, playing and practicing our “P” sounds! We made some paper plate penguins, a gingerbread puzzle and a regular puzzle, putting our skills to the test!

Instead of glue this week, we did some practice with tape! We used our fine motor skills and pincher fingers and put together our paper plate penguins with just tape! The kids had fun trying to stick everything together and figuring out where to put the tape.

We spent the week playing a fun math game where the kids had to find a certain shape in a big bag by only feeling and counting the corners! We will continue next week by adding more shapes to our bag!

Next week will be finishing up our Happily Ever After Unit of Jingles, Poems and Rhymes and will continue once we come back in the new year!

A few reminders:
12/13: Chrome Concert
12/17: Treehouse will be closing at 5 due to a staff holiday party.
12/20: Early dismissal- 1 pm.. There will be NO TREEHOUSE
12/20: Class PJ day!

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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