December Updates

Dear Parents,

While it’s been chilly, and often times rainy, week at school, we’ve been keeping warm and busy inside our classroom!

This week we completed another Superkid lesson on Frits! It was really fun pretending to be fishermen and catch on to new words and sounds. We’ve played many phonics games with fish, read facts about fish and a few of our students even shared with us their own fishing stories! On Monday we’ll meet another new friend, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the details!

Science this week had us back in the lab for experiments that involved more observations and attention to detail. In the first experiment, the class had to determine if our gram cubes would sink or float. Once that was determined, they were then asked how could they get the cubes from one beaker to the next? Answer: use the sieve (a new tool in our learning)! Our second experiment involved Kool-Aid and applied the same concept: could we separate the Kool-Aid from the water? How would we do that? The end result was that most of the Kool-Aid had dissolved; however, Mrs. Barlow’s Kool-Aid only left a little residue on the bottom of one beaker, while mine had more! The kids are all such awesome scientists and have really grasped the concept of important details.

Math has also been keeping our brains busy with the introduction to greater than, less than or equal to; as well as estimating! Mrs. Barlow and I put a number line down on the floor to help the kids visualize their numbers and placement. We also went to our reading spots today to practice taking a guess at a group of numbers and then testing to see if that number was correct. So if we had 14 apples, how many more would we need to make 20 total? Everyone did a great job and I’m always so impressed with their hard work.

In Espanol, Senora Thorogood had the class learning about their familia, as well as learning the pronunciation of the alphabet. The kids love Spanish class and we’re always singing the songs in class, maybe you’ve even heard them at home? In P.E. this week, Mrs. Goodson had a big surprise in store for the class: SCOOTERS! While I’m sure a lot has changed since we as parents have used them (wood floors and metal wheels anyone?) the fun is still the same. Mrs. Barlow was able to snap a few pics of the kids in action and the sheer joy on their faces was priceless! On Friday we met up with our 4th grade Book Buddies in Mr. Oveby’s class to work on some holiday crafts and enjoy a wonderful Christmas tale. We hope you enjoyed the surprise too! Greyson was our VIP this week and it was so much fun! Greyson wants to be a policeman when he grows up and if he had one wish, it would be to have a minion. Baaaaanaaanaaaas!

Also, our class holiday party will be December 20th. Please be sure to dress your child in their pajamas that day! It’s a super fun morning before winter break begins! I hope there’s snow, do you? 🙂 December 20th is also early release. Pick up will be at 1:00 pm and there will be no treehouse.

With love,
Ms. Porto and Mrs. Barlow

PS: The Word of the Week is: POINSETTIA