Weekly Update Week of December 17th

ELA: We will continue working on constructing paragraphs this week. We will identify the different parts of a paragraph and learn how to construct t-charts that show the topic and conclusion sentences, star ideas, and supporting details within a paragraph. We will continue to study commas cumulatively in preparation for the test after the break.

History: Students were given a study guide in preparation for the the open-notes test that will take place on Tuesday. Students used this list to go through their notes in their binder, as well as, their spiral notebook to highlight the most important information that will pertain to the test. They should still review their notes so they feel confident on Tuesday!

Math: Monday will be our chapter five unit test. All students were instructed to bring home textbooks this weekend. If you are looking for additional practice for your child, you can copy the example problems listed on each lesson page. Then, they can solve and check their answer using the textbook. This is an easy way for them to practice independently! There are also chapter review lessons at the end of chapter five with example problems!

Science: We will conclude Investigation One of our new cell, Earth’s Forces. Within this investigation, students learned the difference between weight and mass, and we are studying Newton’s first law of motion. We will chart our data by making line graphs and interpret the results.

Please make sure your child brings in their wrapped gift (with clue) by Wednesday for our gift exchange with fourth grade. Students were given a page to help them with their shopping!

Lost and Found items will be donated Thursday afternoon, so be sure to stop by the front office sometime this week to claim any lost items.

At 11:00 on Thursday, students will celebrate the holiday season with a little party. Thursday is early release at 1:00! Also, don’t forget that Treehouse services will close at 5:00 pm on Monday due to our staff holiday party. There will not be afternoon Treehouse services on Thursday.