Winter Break

Dear Parents,

I am still missing a few hardcover Superkids books. They NEED to be returned this week. When we return from break we will begin More Adventures in Superkids; our final journey with the Superkids. You will also get a different hard copy book to keep at home until the end of the school year.

Both book report and project are due on Tuesday, Dec. 18th, but children can start bringing them to school tomorrow. The students will be presenting their book report on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Our holiday party is Thursday from 11-12 followed with either home or school lunch and early dismissal at 1. You can pick your child up anytime after 12 or 12:30.

Last week we began practicing our timed addition tests to help us prepare for when we get back in January. They need to know 25 facts in two minutes. It is very important to continue practicing math facts at home. There are many who struggle with basic addition (5+2 for examples) and the only way they will get confident in knowing their facts is with LOTS of practice. Flashcards are a wonderful tool; they can make them and then use those to practice. I also attached the links for Xtra math (used in 2nd grade) and IXLmath.

Hard to believe it is almost winter break!!!!

Mrs. Lindsey

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