Weekly Update January 7th, 2019

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful break. With a short two day week this week we have been putting aside our normal routine in exchange for some New Year’s Resolution writing and preparing for our next bulletin board. Our theme will be around Martin Luther King Jr. and the difference he was able to make in the world. We will be thinking about what one thing WE could change with our own two hands to make a difference in the world.

Important Notes:
-January Book Report guidelines went home yesterday. Students are reading an unrealistic fiction story. Think Magic Treehouse, Flat Stanley, ect. Students MUST bring their book in by Wednesday, January 9th for approval. This report is two fold. First students are to dress up as a character in their book. Second, they are to complete the character wheel template given to them in their report and RECREATE the character wheel onto a poster board. I will attach a photo example. You may help them to draw the wheel onto the poster board. In regards to their costume, please have students come to school IN COSTUME to eliminate wasting time changing into their costume. They may bring a change of clothes to change into if they wish.Book reports are due Thursday, January 31st.
– Report Cards go home January 17th. Please sign and return envelopes as soon as possible

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a humerous fiction, Officer Buckle and Gloria.

Grammar: We will begin working abbreviations

Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working root words

Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Cause and Effect, as well as humor in writing.

Phonics: Compound Words and the schwa vowel sound.

Math: We are moving along in our subtraction unit. We have learned to rewrite two digit subtraction and will now use addition to check. We will have a Check Progress on Thursday, January 10th. Please have children review their subtraction facts as often times their answers are incorrect from miscalculating a difference.

History: We are starting a new unit this week called Americans Move West. We begin with ways of moving west, and what life was like on a frontier.

Science: We took our Earth’s Surface test before break last week and will continue on with our unit delving deeper into the earth’s surface. Students appeared to have some trouble with the test questions. However, when I reviewed with the class as a whole and read aloud the questions to them they knew right away where their answer went wrong. We spoke at great length about slowing down when reading a question, because they all knew the answer once they took their time. I will send home some extra credit for them to complete should they wish to bump up their grade.

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