5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of January 7th

Welcome back! We are excited to get back into the swing of things and ring in the new year together!

ELA: Please look in your child’s homework folder for two important papers: The presidential research paper choices (which requires a parent signature) and a letter about what’s needed for our upcoming research paper assignment. Choices are due on Monday and final materials are due the following Monday. Please read over both papers so that you are familiar with what we’re doing in class. The research paper will be worked on only in school, students are not allowed to bring any part home unless they are given specific individual instructions from Mrs. Armstrong. We will start preparing for the research paper this week. I will model how to create note cards and we will practice creating note cards from sample resources to prepare for their actual note-taking. They will become a “note card critic” and look at several note cards that have already been completed to see what to do and what not to do!

History: We will begin the second half of the Civil War unit this week. The lessons we’ll review this week will cover some of the most important battles leading to the end of the war, the Gettysburg Address, challenges the Confederates faced at the end of the war, Jefferson Davis, and the end of the war. We will also create an outline this week using one of these three lessons to model and practice creating outlines for our research paper.

Math: Last week, we kicked off the new year with a fun New Year’s review competition. On Friday, we introduced the meaning of multiplying fractions by using graham crackers to illustrate the meaning! Then, we learned how it is illustrated in pictures using an area model. This week, we will continue to build on this knowledge as students learn the procedures for multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.

Science: On Friday, we began the pre-lab for Investigation Two in Earth’s Forces. We learned how to calculate on object’s speed, distance traveled, and time it would take given a certain speed. We use this knowledge as we enter lab on Monday to discover how the force of gravity affects acceleration.

Monday: Bring in Presidential Research Paper Choices (with parent signature)