January 12, 2019 Newsletter

What a wonderful weather week! Mother Nature really smiled on us while we soaked up some much deserved sunshine on the playground.

This week the class began learning the alphabet. The alphabet will be introduced through the Investigator Club with Dilly Gator putting on an alphabet show. All her friends will take part with costumes and props. The children, in small groups, will recognize the letters and learn a little about letter sounds. They will trace letters and write them in various materials like shaving cream, rice, sand, just to mention a few, and pay close attention to the letters in their name. Since the boys and girls loved “The Number Jar” so much, we will continue with “The Alphabet Jar.” The snack kid will bring one item that begins with the letter we are focusing on in the jar. The class, in turn, will ask the snack child questions about his item. This activity is not only fun but reinforces letter sounds and verbal development.

We started with letter A and heard the story and song, “The Ants Go Marching”. We stamped ants on a anthill and ate animal crackers. Be sure to save the letter crafts your child brings home and display them in his/her bedroom or playroom. A good way to display all 26 letters is to hang them on a “clothes line” so they can look at them daily. It makes for a great teaching tool and they can feel proud of their work!

Our letter B craft, the bumble bee, was not quite dry yesterday to take home. It is so cute, just wait until you see it.

Besides, learning about the letters A & B, we heard books from Jan Brett. “The Mitten,” and “The Hat,” are Ukrainian Folktales retold and beautifully illustrated by this famous author. Check them out……these books are worthy of a trip to the library. After listening to, “The Mitten,” the children colored animals to place inside the mitten so they could retell the story at home. Yesterday we heard, “The Hat,” about a hedgehog who gets a stocking stuck on his head and claims it as a hat. The children made the cutest little play dough hedgehogs with prickles on his back.

Next week we focus on letters….C & D and learn about Dr. Martin Luther King. Please remember there will be no school next Monday, Jan. 21.

Have a nice weekend.

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