January 18, 2019

Hello All! I want to give everyone some information about an exciting club that is available for the 4’s…Bach to Rock! Whether they are a budding rock star or an aspiring classical soloist, Rock City is the place to find real music education for your preschooler. Through dynamic musical and movement based activities, budding young musicians develop the skills for future success in playing an instrument. The club is on Thursdays after rest time. Sign up today at:

Our learning this week was all about the letter “J” and measuring rice in all types of containers to see how different shaped containers can change the quantities. This is a great tactile activity that all kids love to do. Consider making a small box a rice box with all types of scoops and containers in your house! I almost forgot about our Jellybean graph which was a big hit because you know…they got to eat the jellybeans afterwards.

Monday is MLK Day, so no school, enjoy and think civically and I will see everyone on Tuesday! Pictures attached…

Mrs. Staggs