Jan. 20, 2019 Newsletter

Rain, Rain Go Away………. Bring on more of this sunshine before we grow webbed feet! I’ve never experienced a more rainy Winter ever! I long for Spring, don’t you?

In Investigator Club, Dilly and her friends introduced the letters “C & D” to the class. The boys and girls heard the stories of “Pinkalicious”and “Ten Little Dinosaurs.” which prompted us to create pink cupcakes and dinosaur tracks (they are drying at school). Next week, it’s on to Letter E.

The class was also introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I read a book about his life written for young children to understand. We discussed Dr. King’s dream of equality and how we should treat others like we would like to be treated. I did an experiment with a brown egg and a white egg. I broke the two eggs and showed how they were the same on the inside while being different on the outside. We tied it together with a craft displaying different shades of skin color hand prints touching a heart in the center.

I hope you were as impressed as I was with the “Mi Familia” book your chico or chica made in Spanish class. This will be a keeper for sure.

Some parents have expressed for their Tree House child to sign up for Soccer Shots on Wed afternoon. Here is their website www.soccershots.org Also, for our Early School, is “Bach to Rock” held on Thurs. afternoons. Lots of musical and movement based activities.

I am excited for our next week’s lesson on Hibernation and How Animals Spend the Winter Season. Hibernation will be extended into the following week and ending with pajama day and Groundhog Day on Fri. Feb. 1!

Don’t forget Scholastic orders are due tomorrow on line!

Have a nice holiday,

Wanda and Cindy

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