Although our Under the Blood-Red Sun unit was a short one, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A compare/contrast essay was written after viewing the movie. While they agreed the acting could have been better, it was a wonderful ending to a powerful storyline. We have already started into our final novel, Tangerine. Meatier discussions, review of the novel features as well as literary devices, and personal connections will be our focus this text. Nightly rereading of pages and answering of comprehension questions is expected of them. After each “part” of the book – for a total of 3 – there will be a quiz. A final test will be given covering all parts at the end of the novel.

We have covered a TON in writing! We are currently awaiting responses from our business letters, so stay tuned! Some kids have already received theirs with attachments included 🙂 We will continue journaling and our review of writing processes with several pieces mixed in before dedicating the month of March to our big research paper. Information for this will be coming home mid-February, but I encourage the kids to start thinking of someone they’d like to research and learn more about. This figure needs to be someone who has made a POSITIVE contribution to their field. For example, Jackie Robinson made a positive contribution to the Major Leagues on breaking the color barrier for all races. Take something that interests them (dance, football, cars!) and start digging for that figure. Remember, all writing/research will be done here at school.

Our Judaism unit was a riveting success! I hope all enjoyed our scavenger hunt — thank you, parents, for your help! We are currently learning about Ancient Greece, democracy, and Ancient Rome before diving into our second monotheistic religion, Christianity.