Weekly Update January 28th, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Tune in for details about week in second grade!
Important Notes:
– Open House is January 27th from 2-4PM
– January book reports are due Thursday, January 31st

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a biography My Name is Gabriela.

Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working on suffixes –y and –ful.

Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Understanding Characters and Author’s Word Choice
Phonics: Long e sound for y and change y to an i

Math: The class is doing a fantastic job with our geometry unit! We bumped up our Check Progress to Thursday so as not to overload the class with tests on Friday. They did great! Next week we get into some trickier terrain as we learn about congruent figures, lines of symmetry and flips, turns and slides. This is where some difficulty arises. I will send home some extra practice for students should they need it. Please also keep in mind that extra credit packets are due February 1st for an additional 10 points on their Chapter 6 test.

History: We learned a lot about the gold rush and the first men who found gold in a California river. Next week, we will explore more of how pioneers continued to move west with a discussion on the development of cities and ghost towns.

Science: Study guides were sent home on Tuesday. Please have students study for their test on Monday, January 28th.