5th Grade Weekly Update Week of January 28th

Check out the pic of us with our Book Buddies celebrating the 100th day of school!

Math: When introducing multiplying and dividing with fractions, we built our understanding of the meaning by using manipulatives to demonstrate and then drawing pictures to show our understanding of the concept. Then, we learned the procedures. Now that students have gained a lot of practice with the procedures, we will work on showing our conceptual understanding by applying our knowledge within word problems. Our unit test will be on Friday. Students will receive a study guide on Monday. We will check the study guide in class on Thursday.

Science: We are wrapping up our Earth’s Forces Cell and completing our performance assessment this week. Within our assessment, students will become upper management for a toy factory. Their first task is to design an experiment that will help them discover the most efficient way to move toy packages across the warehouse. The second task is to select the best surface to load the packages down a chute. Students will design experiments and use the data they collect to write a recommendation to their boss. Students will use their knowledge of measuring frictional force and pull force as they design these experiments. Our unit test will be the following week, so please make sure students are studying those flashcards 10-15 minutes a night! We are stressing the importance of how to avoid “cramming” for a test.

ELA: We will work on another Vocabu-Lit unit this week. Students will be introduced to the terms on Monday. We will continue our note card research this week as well. Additional after school time to work on note cards will be offered again on Thursday. It was extremely beneficial for those who stayed last week! Hopefully, this will be our last week to work on note cards before we start on outlines! If your student has been out due to illness, I highly recommend they stay Thursday afternoon to stay caught up. Our Daily Paragraph Editing this week will focus on comma usage, words in quotations, capitalization, spelling, and ending punctuation.

History: Students were given a study guide on Friday to prepare for their final test of the Civil War unit. We will check it on Monday and play a review Jeopardy on Tuesday to prepare for the test on Wednesday. We will wait to start our next unit of study the following week so we can use Thursday and Friday to strictly work on finishing note cards. Our next unit of study is Westward Expansion After the Civil War. This unit is more independent work with fun in-class activities to drive home the concepts.

Other: Two of the forms in the Camp Widjiwagan packet were incorrect. They were mixed up with an old file! Whoops! The two corrected forms were in yoru child’s Friday Folder. Please fill them out and return them in the Friday Folder when you are able.

The Authorization for Medications form was also sent home in the Friday Folder. Save this to give with the medication the morning we leave for our trip to add it the ziplock bag, along with the prescription or over-the-counter medication needed for our journey.

Mrs. Siegleman is still collecting gallon milk jug donations for her igloo! Please send them in if you are able.

A fridge box was found for Mrs. Adkisson’s project! Hurrah!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Civil War Study Guide due
Wednesday: Civil War Test Covering Lessons 18-25
Thursday: Math study guide due
Friday: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Unit Test
Tuesday-Friday: Science performance assessment will stretch over the course of a few days. Attendance is very important during this time.