Feb. 2, 2019 Newsletter

I know you will agree with me when I say we will miss Mrs. Sloan!! What a GIFT she has been to the children and me this year! She has an opportunity to pursue a new job adventure! Although we don’t want her to leave us, we wish her good fortune with this new endeavor. She is not saying goodbye because she will be back as a Mystery Reader through the rest of the school year. Check out photos of Mr. Sloan reading to our class. On Monday, we welcome Mrs. Sandy Patel who has been a substitute twice in our class. She is already familiar with our children and our routine. How fortunate we are to have her with us!

We managed this week to dodge the snow! How great it is to live here instead of places like Chicago where it was more like the Arctic! Those poor people!!!

It was a fun week learning about “Shadows,” Groundhogs,” and Letter F. We touched on letter G, but will investigate more next week. You can’t learn about the legend of the groundhog without knowing what a shadow is. Fortunately, there was enough sun this week to find our shadows. I read the book, “Bear Shadow'” by Frank Asch. It’s about a bear who was annoyed by his shadow and tries very hard to rid of it. On Friday, we had an animal shadow parade with puppets. You will see in the photos below that the class found the animals’ shadows on the side of the building. How exciting!! Bad news though…..since the Georgia groundhog came out of his burrow today, he discovered his shadow! I hope his prediction is wrong because seeing his shadow means 6 more weeks of Winter!!

Conferences will soon be here…… They will be on Tues. Feb 19 (before 2:00) and Wed. Feb. 20 ( before 11:00). Please let me know what day and time you prefer.

Our Valentine’s Day party is Thurs. Feb. 14. Please send in 13 UNADRESSED cards that day. Have your child write their names on the back.

Next week our focus will be on a review of letters A-G and Arctic and Antarctic animals.

Have a super(bowl) weekend,

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