Valentines Week!

Happy Friday everyone! The kids had a really fun week exchanging valentines, playing bingo and meeting with their book buddies to exchange valentines!

In Happily Ever After, we started a new story “The Tug of War”. It is a story about a clever turtle, tricking an elephant and hippo into thinking that he is stronger than them. Feel free to ask your child about the story!

Our letter this week was W and “WOW” did we find a lot of W words! We ended our week with 75 words on our board! We made a walrus flip book, a windmill ( this is be displayed in our room) and we did lots of watercoloring!

We did lots and lots of math this week, focusing on shorter, taller, longer, smaller, heavier and lighter. One of our activities this week was giving your child an object (i.e a marker) and telling them to find either something that is heavier or lighter than the marker. They did a great job finding different objects all through the classroom! This would be an easy one to do at home too! They really loved playing this game!

A few reminders for the upcoming week:
2/18: No School- Presidents Day
2/19, 2/20: No School- Parent Conferences

*If you do not remember the time we scheduled or if something has come up where you won’t be able to attend, please let me know! I will be more than happy to tell you your scheduled time/ reschedule for you!

I hope you all have a great long weekend and I will see you all next week for conferences!!

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