Welcome back

Welcome Back Wood Acres Families,
I hope enjoyed your break with your amazing children. I cannot believe February is near the end! We ended our week learning about the Presidents of our country. We enjoyed crafts, songs, and stories around our quad wonderful Wood Acres Flag pole; where we recited The Pledge of Allegiance (respectfully) as the great American Wood Acres citizens we are! We also had two Mystery Readers. We would like to extend a special thank you to Caroline Torbet, and Elizabeth Richards for surprising us with their great story-telling abilities. As you all know our Two’s program loves a great story. Early Literacy at its finest! Enjoy the pictures!! Also, thank you to everyone who was able to make conferences this week. It was a great pleasure meeting with you. I am excited to meet with those of you that rescheduled for a later conference date. All the students are making great strides in their development growth.
Happy Thursday,
Ms. Nixon and Mrs. Biter
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*** Today’s Readers…Future Leaders!!!

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