5th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 25th

Math: Last week, we learned how to interpret circle graphs using our knowledge of fractions. This week, students will practice interpreting all the graphs we have studied within this unit before we move on to our probability lessons. Within the probability lessons, students will learn how to calculate the probability of dependent and independent events and learn how to create tree diagrams to show the possible outcomes of an event. Students will enjoy learning about probability as we incorporate fun class games within the lesson!

Science: Last week, we revisited the short response questions that were part of the last unit test. We learned how to build a strong response by creating strong topic and concluding sentences, how to provide supporting details, and how to use transition phrases to help the writing flow. After practicing together, students are using what they learned to compete in a writing competition! Students will answer their own short response question independently, and we will have an outside judge select the best writing to win a special prize! In Friday Folders, please look for these writing samples and keep them for future reference for our next unit test! You will love seeing the difference between students’ original response and their new responses!

In lab, students will build a new understanding of “work.” They will learn that work done is the relationship between distance and force applied. They will learn how to calculate work done and use this to explore how simple machines help a task feel easier without actually changing the work done.

ELA: We will review concluding sentences this week before we begin writing our outlines for our research papers. In previous weeks, we discussed five types of topic sentences and practiced creating them. When creating concluding sentences, students will learn that you can use one of those same types of topic sentences to construct a closing sentence as well. We’ll practice creating conclusion sentences based off topic sentences using different methods with a partner, and then review the created sentences and decide what we like/dislike about the sentences as a whole group. Outlines will also start this week. We’ll study a model, and students will create a model about themselves before we start our president’s outlines. We’ll continue our grammar study of Daily Paragraph Editing, to help prepare for editing of our research papers. Vocabulit test grades from Friday will go home in Friday Folders this week. Lesson 5 terms will be introduced this week.

History: Cowboy Day on Friday was so much fun! I’ll email photos of the event! This week we will start our next unit of study: Maya, Inca, and Aztec Civilizations. This will be a group research project. Each class will be broken up into three groups to study one of the ancient civilizations. They will create a poster and a costume or artifact that relates to their chosen civilization. This week, groups will focus on the research process and create a schedule to complete their research and homework assignments.