March. 3, 2019 Newsletter

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

What a fun week we had exploring books from this well-loved author of children’s literature. Theodore Seuss Geisel wrote stories that not only used lots of rhyming words, but had a lesson to learn. Below are pictures of our class donning their “Cat in the Hat” bow ties and hats and a picture of the children dressed as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

The class recently learned about opposites and they love to act out a song from Dr. Jean. For a good time filler, say a word and let your child say the opposite. Let him act out the opposites. We played the game of find your opposite. Each child received a picture with a word and when I said go, they had to find the child holding his opposite. They then declared what the opposites were.

Next week’s theme is “Healthy Habits”. Ms. Judy, a dental hygienist, will show the children good dental habits. We will also focus on eating healthy. We look forward to computer class I tomorrow where the class will interact with the screen to play games and hear stories.

Kudos to you parents for coming to our conferences! We had 100% participation!

Have a lovely week ahead,
Wanda and Sandy,

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