Soggy Salutations

Hello Everybody,

March is here! I hope this weather is cooperating with all of your weekend plans. Yesterday, I spent my day with family and friends and today’s agenda is all about indoor projects. Speaking of projects, I bet your student is fine-tuning all that needs to be done for his or her book report project and presentation that will be given this Friday. Last week, your student received a current copy of the schedule for when your student gives his or her presentation. If you can’t find one, please let me know and I will give you another copy. Just remember you will be watching your student’s presentation along with the others scheduled during that time. See you on Friday.

Another piece of great news, all of our 4th graders decided on the title for this year’s book project. 4th grade’s Awesome Adventures is in full swing and all students have been busy writing about an adventure that is near and dear to their heart. Several students are trying to be extra artists for certain parts of our book and those decisions will be made Friday afternoon.

Academically, we are moving along in all subjects and progress is definitely being made in math, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. There will be a spelling test and vocabulary quiz on Thursday. The study guide and spelling list should be in their homework folder and needs to stay there because your student will have assignments this week regarding both spelling and vocabulary.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the rest your weekend, and I’ll see everybody in the morning.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher
The Wood Acres School