March 9, 2019 Newsletter

Whew! What a busy week we had at the Woods! On Monday, we attended computer class where we played games on the white board. On Tuesday, our visitor, Ms. Judy Cone, a dental hygienist from Dr. John Taylor’s office, taught the class how to care for their “pearly whites.” She has been visiting children at W A for at least 27 years and demonstrating how to correctly brush your teeth and discussing good and bad foods to eat. She left each child with a coloring book and a toothbrush. She is a very devoted lady of pediatric dentistry! See the photo below.

In addition to learning about dental hygiene, we discussed other ways of staying healthy. Covering coughs and sneezes inside your elbow……this keeps your hands from spreading germs. Also, the class made a project showing a balanced plate of food. Encourage your child to try new foods……….just remind him of the character in “ Green Eggs and Ham” when he says he doesn’t like it. We discussed getting plenty of sleep, washing hands, bathing and exercising.

Moving on to the alphabet and letter K, we had a fun time playing kangaroo looking for little joeys. The children laced pouches to wear around their waist. I hid some joeys labeled with different letters and the boys and girls had to collect only the joeys with letter K on them. I posted some pictures of few of the kangaroos playing the game.

Next week our focus is on Rainbows and letters L, M and N. Also, do not miss the Book Fair held in the Kdg. Building. You will find some great new stories for bed time.

Just a reminder…………our morning car line starts at 8:35 until 8:45. Try to use car line to drop off during this time. If you are running late, please park your car away from the 2 yr. old car line. Thank you for your cooperation.

Spring Forward,
Wanda and Sandy

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