5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 18th

Math: Last week, we enjoyed participating in a variety of St. Patrick’s Day activities as we practiced our math skills. We learned how to “talk like a leprechaun” as we practiced adding and subtracting decimals. Then, students practiced multiplying decimals in order to reveal leprechaun mystery emoji pictures, which are on display in the classroom. We also mapped out our very own leprechaun villages as we reviewed area and perimeter within our problem-solving packets. This week, we will expand our knowledge of multiplying and dividing decimals by discovering patterns when we multiply or divide decimals by 10, 100, or 1,000.

Science: This week, we wrapped Investigation Four of our simple machines unit, which means we are nearing the end. We started to create our Investigation Four flashcards in class, and students are suppose to finish them over the weekend if they did not finish in class. We have learned so much thus far, and it is important that students study the four sets of flashcards we created so far within our unit! This week, we will complete some review activities of all four investigations.

ELA: We will work on typing our research papers this week!

History: Students will present their Maya, Inca, or Aztec civilization projects on Tuesday. They will practice on Monday to help prepare for Tuesday. Any artifact or costume pieces should be here, with their corresponding paragraph, on Monday so they can prepare for their final presentations.

Other: Please make sure you cancel lunches for Wednesday-Friday if you pre-ordered. We would hate for food to go to waste while we are gone!

Camp Widjiwagan: Please make sure your student arrives between 6:15-6:30 ready to go with a completely disposable breakfast and reusable water bottle. Please let us know if you need another medication form before we leave on Wednesday. Forms will need to be with medication and given to Mrs. Armstrong the morning we leave.

Our weather is showing a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday and temperatures in the 60s in the late afternoon, but 30s in the evenings for the whole time we’re there. So, as you begin to pack, keep that in mind. Layering is best for sure!