Weekly Update March 18, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day! We visited with our book buddies on Friday for a game of Leprechaun Bingo, and second grade did a wonderful job of helping their buddies with the game. We were also visited by some very mischievous leprechauns in our class on Monday! However, the class was quick to pick up the mess that was made in record time!

Important Notes:
– Report Card go home Thursday, March 21st. Please sign and return report cards as soon as possible
– Book Reports are due Friday, March 29th
– Spring Break begins Friday, March 29th with dismissal at 1. There is no afternoon treehouse. Break is from April 1-5th. School resumes Monday, April 8th

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a folktale, Half Chicken
Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working antonyms
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Cause and Effect, and Point of View
Phonics: Prefixes re, un, over, pre, mis and silent consonants

Math: We have been working hard on telling time, and the class has been doing a great job so far. One thing to be aware of is making sure the hour hand is where it needs to be. For example, when the time says 1:30, our hour hand should be between the 1 and 2 and not on the 1 as we are half way to 2 o’clock. We are set up to finish chapter 7 on Thursday, March 28th with a unit test.

History: We finished our Japan unit, and took our tests on Monday. We will start our next unit on Civil Rights Leaders on Friday.

Science: We finished our fourth investigation with the water cycle. The class is doing a great job with this concept. Next week, we will begin our fifth and final investigation for the water cycle where we will explore the effects of water pollution.

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