Super Sunny Saturday

Hello and Happy Saturday!
Where do I begin in saying how great these past few days have been for your student and me? Right now, my washing machine is full gear with clothes that remind me of all that we did during our field trip to the 4H Center on Jekyll Island. I wouldn’t be surprised if your washing machine is working right now as well. If you come across anything that doesn’t belong to your student, please bring it to school on Monday and we will have our own lost and found so all items go home to the rightful owner.

I must begin by thanking Mr. Ovbey, Dr. Feinberg, Mrs. Tomsic, Mr. Boyle, and Mrs. Parham for making sure all of the Sea Stars and Squids were on time for the classes, keeping them safe, and for making sure that all went well throughout the trip. There are just not enough words or ways of saying, “Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts that were given so all of our 4th graders had an awesome adventure. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all you did.”

I am hopeful that you received the pictures we sent so you could get a glimpse of your student learning about the different phases of the beach and all that go on with each of the ecosystems and adaptations. Your student touched a few reptiles, learned about some constellations and what’s happening to our beaches and wildlife as erosion continues to change the make-up of coastal regions.

It may take some time for your student to tell you ALL that they learned during our trip because so much information was taught and it will take time to recall everything they did and saw. If your student did write in his or her journal during each class that will help them recall so much of our time spent at the 4H Center. Please make sure that your student’s journal comes to school and stays with them for it will be needed for upcoming assignments. Thank you very much.

Please enjoy the rest of the beautiful spring weekend, enjoy the stories you hear, and I look forward to seeing everybody Monday morning and listening to the best and favorite parts of our field trip. Until then, back to laundry, finishing up report cards and a little more of rest and relaxation.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher