5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of April 8th

We hope everyone had a wonderful break and are ready to come back ready to get down to business! Believe it or not, we’re into the final quarter!

ELA: On Monday, we will have our Tiger Rising Week 2 discussion. Students did a wonderful job before the break modeling appropriate discussion using the first section of the book. Students should review the discussion questions again today or tomorrow to refresh their memories since it’s probably been a week or so since they’ve looked at it. We will also continue our study of poetry, practicing some of the skills we learned before the break, and learning about figurative language; specifically, similes, metaphors, hyperbole, idioms, personification, symbolism, allusion, and imagery.

History: This week, before testing, we will review the branches of government, their jobs, and how to make a bill a law. A quiz will take place on Friday reviewing all we’ve learned over the course of the week!

Math: This week, we will continue to explore measurement concepts and gear up for standardized testing next week!

Science: Before our break, we completed the final investigation in our Work and Simple Machines Cell. This week, we will prepare for the unit test, which will be on Friday. Before we break, students practiced the short response test question, and it was sent home in Friday Folders with a note asking parents to keep as a reference for studying. This week, students should practice recreating their strong response, so they are ready to write it on the test.

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Tiger Rising week 2 discussion
Friday- Work and Simple Machines Cell test