April 13, 2019 Newsletter

It was butterfly week in Early School! We heard books of this magical transformation of caterpillar to butterfly like the famous Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” We made a sweet caterpillar from the story and we will use it to adorn our bulletin board.

Your child can now name all the stages of a butterfly’s life in order. The boys and girls demonstrated this in a project made of all things…… PASTA! Can you name the pasta shape and stage it represented?: Orzo (egg), Rotini (caterpillar), Shell (chrysalis) and Farfalle (butterfly). All placed on a plate to show the cycle……..just too cute!

We covered the letters Q and R and made a queen and a rabbit for the letter crafts! The children learned the purpose of a question mark.

Next week, it’s on to the subject of seeds and how plants grow. Bring some seeds to school next week and we will make a poster on Friday of the different types of seeds . No need to buy them, just save the seeds from the fruit or vegetables you eat.

Have a super week ahead.
Wanda and Sandy

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