Field Day

Good afternoon 1st-grade families!

Testing is almost over and we are ready to celebrate with our book buddies for our annual Hot Dog Lunch Wednesday. If you have not signed up for anything yet, please do so today. Thank you!

Today we sent home field trip permission slips that need to be filled out and brought back by Wednesday of this week. I will send out a field trip email to all first-grade families over the weekend. Our field trip date is next Tuesday, 30th.

Another wonderful tradition to celebrate the end of testing for the whole school is Field Day. Our Field Day will take place THIS Friday, 26th at Fuller’s Park. This is an all-day event. PLEASE follow the directions below for the day.
**If for some reason it becomes a rainy day, our make up day will be next Friday, May 3rd. The office will keep us updated on rain delays.

Morning arrival:
Fuller’s Park 3499 Robinson Rd. Marietta (off Roswell and Robinson). My cell phone number (in case you are late) 678-895-7795.
DO NOT come to school that day…we will not be there. Please do not drop your child off and leave; you will need to sign them in.
Our day will begin at 9:00 and will end with a closing ceremony (around 1:30) and pick up around 2:00.
Please arrive at Fullers Park by 9:00 a.m.; showing up late will prevent teams and games from starting on time. We will be there at 8:45.
Kim DeLoach and Heather S. will be there with us in the morning to assist with checking in and getting lunches organized.
Please look for us as you drop your child off. We will be collecting lunches and signing your children in.
You will pick your child up at Fullers Park by 2:00 and you MUST see either teacher so we know they are leaving. Please do not tell another adult/teacher…you must let us know.
Closing ceremony begins at 1:30. I recommend getting there a few minutes before 2:00 since most times we are already done.
**Please let us know if your child plans to go to morning/afternoon Tree House ASAP!! A bus will drive them to Fuller’s Park and will take them back to school in the afternoon, however the office needs to know who plans on utilizing this service. Thank you!!

Snack and lunch: Please make sure your child has a fulfilling breakfast that morning. The whole school will stop for snack between 9:45 and 10:00. We would hate for anyone to feel faint or dizzy because they did not eat enough for breakfast.
EVERYTHING must have your child’s first and last name on it. Without a name, it becomes difficult to figure out who gets what.
Everything needs to be disposable so it can be thrown away after lunch. Use gallon sized zip-lock bags (labeled) or paper bag (labeled) to hold lunches.
Please do not send tubs/containers/Thermos of food; we will not have a place to store it. Again, all items must be disposable.
We will have a cooler with ice to keep food cold. Sandwiches are the best option for this type of outdoor activity.
Send a bottled water or Gatorade/Powerade bottle (labeled) for your child to drink during lunch.
Goldfish will be the snack provided by the school; if you want to send something extra, that is fine…it just needs to be eaten fairly quickly.
Popsicles will be passed out at the end of the day.

What to wear:
Mrs. Goodson has asked that everyone wear tennis shoes that fit and tie.
There are many games with kicking involved, and lots of shoes have been flying off feet at recess and PE. That can be dangerous to others as well as during running games and other foot related events. Make sure tennis shoes are worn with socks and laces are tied tight!
Your child must come to Fuller’s Park dressed in their correct field day T-shirt (not last years!) They will get their shirt Thursday.
Athletic type shorts (girls/boys) or capri/crop pants (girls) will be best. No jeans, leggings, or skirts.
It will be HOT! Girls should put their hair up to keep it out of their face.

Sunscreen should be applied before arriving at the park. Your child can wear a hat, just make sure their name is somewhere on it, in case it gets lost.

Unlike last year, your child might not be on my team. Each team is made up of a few 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. If we stayed together as a class, we wouldn’t have much of a chance against the older grades!

Lastly, you are all welcome to come watch and cheer us on! It is a large area, so all are welcome. The seating is concrete, so you might want to bring a comfortable lawn chair!

See everyone Friday!!