April 22, 2019 Newsletter

“S” is for seeds, sunshine and Spring! “T” is for terrific Threes Class! That’s right, last week we delved into plenty of seeds, sunshine and Spring, those terrific Threes!!

There was an abundance of sunshine so we soaked up a lot of Vitamin D playing outside in this beautiful Spring weather. The birds are back and we enjoyed their singing every morning!
We investigated seeds and found out they differ in size, shape and color. Each child planted Marigold seeds in a pot. The class heard a funny book, “The Garden,” by Arnold Lobel. In the story, a toad planted seeds but thought you had to read stories, sing songs and play the violin for the seeds to come up. Let your child tell you what a seed and plant really needs to grow. Some of our boys and girls brought seeds to add to our SEED poster. This and other posters will be on display in our room.

It’s never too early for children to make a graph. Our graph was, “What is your favorite flavor jelly bean?” You can tell from the photo below that the pink was most popular. Seeing a graph, teaches concepts of most and least.

I hope you and your family had a nice Easter and that you enjoyed the card of your little “chick” popping out of the egg!

This week, we are on to learning about Community Helpers. A Cobb County police officer will visit us on Friday to speak to the children on keeping safe. We learned our home address today and made a mailbox for our letter(s) from home. If you have not sent your letter or picture in an envelope yet, you still have time. Don’t forget to have your child dress up like his favorite Community Helper on THURSDAY!

Have a Nice Week,
Wanda and Sandy

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