Weekly Update April 22, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Testing is over! Wohoo. Hooray!

The kids did a fantastic job over the course of seven days and I’m proud of their hard work and focus.

Important Notes:
Book Reports are due Thursday, May 16, 2019
They must have their poem memorized by this date as we will be reciting poems in front of the class on the Library stage. They will also need to have their poem hand written- cursive is permitted- along with a picture detailing their poem.

We are finishing up some fun activities this week and will be moving onto our first book study starting next week. This is to get them prepared for third grade, which is just around the corner! We will be reading How to Eat Fried Worms. We will be reading this book together as a class. Typically, I will read aloud to them while they follow along. I may assign a chapter for them to read themselves, however, we will have a class discussion once it is completed.

There will be two spelling list throughout our book study, and some additional homework pages that correlate with the book. After each section, we will take a “mini-quiz” followed up by some fun journal questions about the book. We will wrap up our unit with a day of eating “worms” in dirt dessert 🙂

History: We are currently working on a Rosa Parks mural as we learn about important Civil Rights Leaders.

Science: We are moving on to our final unit of sound and vibration.

Math: We will be finishing our 10 unit with a tentative test date set for May 7th. This week we are working on equivalent fractions and fractions as a part of a set.

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