5th Grade Weekly Update Week of April 29th

Math: Students did a wonderful job as we learned to use the protractor to measure and classify angles! Each child created a poster with his or her name, and then measured the angles and identified letters with half-turn symmetry. They are on display for others to see! What a fun way to practice our new skill. We also learned about the parts of a circle! This week, we will build on this lesson as students practice finding the circumference of a circle, and we search the campus for our first shape in our shape book project! The next shape we will focus on will be the triangle. Students will learn how to classify triangles, as well as, how to find the missing angles of a triangle.

Science: On Friday, students were enthusiastic as they worked in teams to design and build a thermos that would slow the rate of heat transfer! On Monday, we will discuss what we learned through this experiment as we wrap up Investigation Two. As you can see, we will be moving quickly through this unit. Therefore, it is important that the children are studying the flashcards we are making daily for 5-10 minutes! It will pay off! At the end of the unit, we will not have a written exam, instead it will be an oral exam. In order to prepare them, I encourage you to ask them to tell you about what they are learning in lab! In past exams, I have focused on helping students improve on communicating what they are learning in writing through our short responses. Now, my focus is to help them also learn how to communicate it verbally!

ELA: We will have our final Tiger Rising discussion group on Monday. After we meet, students will receive a study guide that covers the content from the book, as well as a figurative language review. They’ll have time to work on it in class and we will check it the next day for our test on Wednesday. We will continue to review types of poetry so we can begin a final project that will contain some of the types of poetry we’ve covered during the unit. We’ll touch on our last of the homophones, your and you’re to prepare for a test the following week. We’ll play some cumulative games and practice more independently. Students are doing a great job memorizing their poems! We’ll have our first stanza check on Monday. They’ll be required to give me the first stanza orally to make sure we’re staying on top of memorization in preparation for our end of the year poetry coffeehouse. I’m attaching links for some fun figurative language games to keep practicing the figurative language we’ve learned in class.






History: We will continue studying the Italian Renaissance this week, focusing more on painting and how it changed from the middle ages into the Renaissance era. We’ll look at examples from Ghiberti, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, and Masaccio. We’ll learn about the Medici family’s influence during the Renaissance and take a fun quiz to see “Which Medici Are You?” We’ll keep brushing up on our Renaissance vocabulary, too! The more practice, the better!

Week at a Glance:
Monday-First Stanza Check
Wednesday-Tiger Rising Test
Friday-Rescheduled Field Day at Fuller’s Park