April 27, 2019 Newsletter

Whew! What a busy, busy week we had at school!

We started the week by making a mailbox with the number of your house. Your child is learning his/her address! Thank you for sending the love notes to fill the mailboxes. I enjoyed seeing their smiles as I read each letter. We spoke about the mail carrier’s job as our first Community Helper. We learned about a Doctor’s role and made a cute Doctor’s bag to show off the instruments. We delved into what each medical tool is for and we even gave each other a pretend shot. A Cobb County Police Officer paid a visit to the 3 Yr. Old classes for a little “Show ‘N Tell”. The kids had fun climbing through the back seat of the patrol car. Hopefully, this will be the ONLY time they get to see the back seat of a police car!! Also, the children practiced calling 911 on a play phone. I played the 911 operator. After each child dialed the numbers and spoke, they received a certificate. In addition, we talked about the times they would need to dial 911!

The best day for fun was Thursday when all 3 classes dressed as their favorite Community Helper! There were Police Officers, Veterinarians, Firefighters, Teachers, Underground Explorer, Doctor and even a GIRL President!! Nurse Patel (Mrs. Patel) was here to give anyone medical help. Thank you for dressing up your child on this special day!

I can’t forget to mention the letters U & V. U for Underwater and V for Vase. I hope your child is reviewing the alphabet as they name all the letters on their letter crafts.

Don’t forget our Bike-A-Thon is FRIDAY morning!!!! Please send in a HELMET with your child’s bike, tricycle or scooter. Please LABEL both helmet and bike because some bikes look alike. You will park them in front of the benches along the railing. I can’t emphasize this more by saying please make sure your child KNOWS how to ride his bike! Because we will need to watch 14 children in the parking lot, we cannot teach anyone at this time to ride.
Also, any donation to the Smile Train will be greatly appreciated.

The Marigold seeds we planted last week are coming up! I will keep them at school until they have grown a bit more.

Next week, we learn about the life cycle of the frog and the letters W & X.

Have a GORGEOUS Weekend,
Wanda and Sandy

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