May 4, 2019 Newsletter

It was a busy, busy week here at the Woods! With just 15 more days of school left, I have a feeling these days will go by super fast!!

Last week, the class learned about the life stages of a frog. We made two adorable projects that reflected these stages. I read a delightful book, “The Caterpillar and the Polliwog,” by Jack Kent. It tells the story of a friendship between a caterpillar and a polliwog. This book, you have to check out of the library. It is one of my favorite stories!

The highlight of the week took place yesterday with our BIKE-A-Thon! The class had a ball riding their bikes around the parking lot earning money for the Smile Train. Thank you for the generous donations from all our families for this worthy cause! Also, thank you to all the help from moms and nanny to make sure everyone had a safe ride. Your help was so appreciated! Photos are below. Do you see the red tongues of the kids enjoying some rocket popsicles? Amanda has posted more photos on Shutterfly of each child on his/her bike. Check it out!

Everyone has gotten the email from Amanda about our upcoming End of the Year Party on May 23. All parents are welcome to attend. It will be a carnival theme and it will be a blast!

Happy Birthday to Reese who turned 4 on May 2!
Next week, we will pay homage to mom and will focus on letters Y & Z.

Have a nice week ahead,
Wanda and Sandy

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