We can’t believe our final week is here!

We give you back your child, the same child that you entrusted in our care last fall. We give you back your child a little bit older, a wee bit taller, and a hole lot smarter! It has been our pleasure and privilege to watch their character, personality, and intellect develop day by day as we learned new things together. This year we have lived, studied, learned, laughed, sang, and grew up together. We have become a close-knit classroom family and we will always be a part of each other. Remember that we will always be interested in your child and their destiny, wherever they go, whatever they do, and whoever they may become. We look forward to the day when we hear that familiar name linked with great accomplishments. Thank you for sharing your child with us.

Friendly Reminders

May 22nd
End of the year party will he held at 10:30. Room mom and volunteers please arrive by 10:00 to help set up. If you need a reminder of what your signed up for please let us know and we would be more then happy to refresh your memory. Come one come all! We are looking forward to celebrating the end of the year with you all.

May 24th
End of the year closing on the quad will he held at 9:30. If you are attending please arrive by 9:15. Please provide a water bottle and a hat with your child’s name on it. Early dismissal is at 12:45 durning car line.
Lunch will be provided day of.

We would like to close out the year with our last and final Mystery reader. We would like to welcome
Mrs. Fugedy James’s Mother’s. We look forward to hearing some more of Jame’s favorite stories.

Once again thank you for trusting your child in our care. What an amazing year we had at the Woods!!!
Now let’s end this year with a bang!!!

Have fun in the sun and don’t forget to come back and visit.

Ms. Orsano & Ms. Wright