First Week of Sixth Grade is now in the history books!

Hello, Parents of Wood Acres Sixth Graders!
Scientists were very busy at the beginning of the week designing and constructing a lunar module from index cards, rubber bands, straws, mini-marshmallows, masking tape, a single small cup, and a 4×5 inch cardboard rectangle. The goal was to design a landing system that would absorb the energy of the landing and keep the “large marshmallow astronauts” from falling out of the cockpit! I took pictures of each set of engineers with their creations. It was a great job done by all!
There is always a lot to learn and take in the first week. From my standpoint, most students were ready for the challenges presented to them in each class. Mrs. Seeba and I are here to help guide and support along the way so please be sure to contact us if you have a question about sixth grade. RenWeb is a wonderful resource so please let us know if you need assistance with that platform.

Enjoy the pictures!
Cindy Kuegeman