Weekly Update August 26, 2019


Happy Friday, or as I call it in my classroom, Fri-Yay!

We’ve had another fantastic week in second grade. The kids are definitely feeling more comfortable and are so excited to learn. Look for Monday Folders coming home Monday. In these folders will be all of their graded work from the previous week, including the tests they will have taken today. I keep these private so that students do not feel inclined to share their results with one another. I ask that Monday Folders be emptied and returned on Tuesday, or ASAP. Please DO NOT throw these folders away 🙂

Also be on the lookout for new spelling lists, reading logs, and weekly spelling homework! We have kicked things up a notch with the addition of five spelling words, for a total of 20 spelling words this week. Students will also be working on the back page of their spelling packet. On the back side of their homework they will be responsible for writing 5 complete sentences using a different spelling word per sentence. They will also be working on writing a story of six or more sentences using at least 7 spelling words. This portion of the homework tends to be somewhat challenging in that students are writing a story, not six sentences with spelling words. As with the previous packet, spelling homework will be due the following Friday, August 30th.

Important Notes:
– Parent Orientation Night is Tuesday, August 27th from 7-8PM in my classroom. I look forward to seeing all of you there!
– Parent-Teacher Conferences are September 23rd and 24th. If you already have a preference for a day or time please let me know and I will reserve it. Otherwise I will be sending out more information as the date approaches.
– I am looking for a few parent volunteers to bring in hand sanitizer for our classroom. We do SUCH a good job washing hands, but it tends to take up a good amount of our snack time just to wash up. Thank you in advance!

Reading: We completed our first story last week, and the kids did a wonderful job with their work. This week we begin a new story called My Family. Our genre this week we will be studying is informational text.

Reading Skills and Strategies: Our target skill this week will focus on comparing and contrasting.

Grammar: In grammar this week we will be working on simple sentences
Phonics: We will be reviewing short vowel o, u, and e. Spelling words this week will focus on these phonics skills
Math: We have been working hard on our doubles facts, and creating a fun doubles paint activity to help solidify our facts. Next week, we will begin working on adding 4 addends, as well as diving into subtraction. There will also be another check progress during the week.

History: We spoke a lot this week about compromise and the challenges our Founding Fathers had in educating the 13 states about the Constitution. We practiced some drawing skills and re-created Independence Hall, where the Constitutional Convention took place. We also talked about two important groups, the Federalists and the Anit-Federalists and how they contributed to helping modify and improve the Constitution with the addition of the Bill of Rights. Next week we will focus more on the Bill of Rights, and what it means.

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns!

Thank you again for all you do!

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