Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

We had a great week this week in our room! Your children love to help and are very responsible in doing their class jobs, as well as helping around the classroom. I am impressed with how much we accomplished for the second week of school! They love the library lounge area in our class and spreading out to do their work. The following are important dates, notes and what’s going on in our classroom.

Save the Date:
Labor Day: No school on Mon., Sept. 2nd

East Cobb Parade: Sept. 14th

Constitution Day & WA 50th Celebration: Sept. 15th

Parent/Teacher Conferences: September 23rd and 24th

Important Notes:
Book Report: Our first book report is a fiction book and the students will be completing a Cereal Box Project. Students must choose their book by Wed., Aug. 28th. The completed project is due on Sept. 25th.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: Next week we will continue reading Frindle, and answering comprehension questions. We are working on locating our answers in the book, and verifying information to make sure it is accurate. I continue to model how to answer comprehension questions.

Writing: We will begin a writing activity using Margaret Wise Brown’s, The Important Book. This activity also helps with identifying the main idea and supporting details.

Spelling: Our spelling words next week are: place, value, hundred, thousand, million, less than, greater than, equal, science, properties, matter, solid, liquid, gas, volume, mass, chemical, physical, change and balance. Spelling homework is due on Friday. Test will be on Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit 2 (pages 16-25) words are: aim, aware, defeat, drift, mild, pause, refuse, route, ruin, and solid. Don’t forget to have your child use www.vocabularyworkshop.com to study for the test on Friday.

Math: We continue to work on rounding. I have introduced Math Tiles and they children love them, They help reinforce all of our math skills!

Grammar: We continue to work on Unit 1 in our Grammar Workbook, and are working on dictionary skills.

History: Students are creating their very own maps of Wood Acres and will create a treasure map using cardinal and intermediate directions. We will have a test Friday, Sept 6th. Students will label continents and oceans. A map will go home next week and students can use their blue history folder for a study guide.

Science: Next week we are headed into the Beaker, Jr. to begin Investigation #2 Properties of Matter.