5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of August 26th

Photo Highlight of the Week: Students had a blast challenging one another in partner games as we practiced decimal place value!

Thank you for carving out time in our busy lives to join me for Parent Night! I am truly lucky to have so many supportive families, and I know this is going to be a great year together!

ELA: Last week, we introduced our first quarter outside reading project. Students enjoyed gathering around the “big screen” to watch book talk videos of previous students. For those with older siblings, they really got a kick out of seeing their big brother or sister sell us on their book. We will continue to watch more examples throughout the week! Students are currently practicing how to write a book talk script using the books we read over the summer, so they will be fully prepared to create their own this quarter. On Monday, please have your child bring in a list of the top three books they are interested in selecting for this project. They do NOT have to physically bring in the book itself, just make a list that includes the title and author’s name. After we’ve selected our books, I will teach them how to make a project calendar. Fifth grade is all about teaching our children the tools of independence!

This week, I am excited to dive into our first novel study, “Tuck Everlasting.” This is an exciting fantasy novel filled with mystery and intrigue! Within this novel study, I will introduce new vocabulary terms that coincide with the chapters we will read each week. This week, I will introduce the vocabulary terms on Thursday. Students will practice these terms throughout the week, and we will have a vocabulary test on Wednesday, September 4th.

We are also starting our Diagramming Sentences Unit within grammar. This week, students will learn how to diagram simple and compound subjects and predicates.

Math: Last week, our focus was on reading and writing larger numbers and decimals. This week, we will practice rounding to the greatest place and given values. As we practice these skills, student will participate in whole group games and have fun creating a geometrical coloring sheet. We will also review the addition and subtraction properties later in the week. Since students practiced their addition and subtraction skills over the summer, we are not going to spend class time practicing these familiar skills again. Instead, students will put their critical thinking skills to use as they study the common mistakes that students often make when adding and subtracting larger numbers. They will become the “teacher” for a day as they try to figure out what mistake is being made and how to correct it. This activity will help them learn how to avoid these common mistakes when they are practicing.

Science: We are having fun as we explore the world of microscopy! On Friday, students received a handout that will help them prepare for our microscope quiz this week. On Thursday, I will begin pulling students individually to orally quiz them on the parts and proper use of the microscope.

History: We will continue to study our United States Regions this week. Specifically, the Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and Great Plains. Students should review the location of the regions and their notes from the regions we’ve studied. We will pick back up with Daily Geography this week that focuses on globe lines; including the equator, prime meridian, and the tilted axis of the Earth. This is the last week to prepare for the states and capitals test. The states and capitals test will take place on the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 3rd.

Other: On Wednesday, we will meet our book buddies! Yay! Students will create a fun Book Buddy and Me booklet as a gift to his or her buddy. It will be a fun way to get to know our buddies and a special keepsake for them. We will begin making this booklet in class on Monday.

Week at a Glance:
-Monday- Bring in a list of the top 3 books your child is interested in for the book talk project. Include title and author’s name.
-Wednesday- Meet our book buddies
-Thursday- Microscope quiz (may extend into Friday as well)