Aug. 24, 2019 Newsletter

What a fantastic start to school!! The children have adjusted to their new room, their teachers and routines. They have been learning new things and making new friends. That’s what it’s all about!

This week, we heard stories, sang songs and heard rhymes for our theme, “All About Me.” We worked on the cutest art project to give out to you on Parent Night. Parent Night is this Thursday, August 29 at 6:30 in the classroom. This is an important meeting for parents only.
I am looking forward to telling you all about this coming school year and answering your questions.

I was highly impressed with the way the class learned to use water paints….great job for the first time!!

Also this week, we jumped right into our Specials…….PE, Art, Spanish and Music (See photo below). On the first Wednesday of the month, we will have technology. Mrs. Butcher will present games so the children will get to interact with a White Board. They will also be able to view stories and songs. The class will LOVE it!!

Kudos to every student for wearing their athletic shoes to school! They will play a lot safer on the playground and in PE. Speaking of playground, you need to check out our PLAYSCAPE! WOW! It is a smaller version of the one for older students. The children had a ball playing on it!

Thank you so much for the generous donations of wipes and books. We go through quite a lot of wipes and we will rotate the books throughout the year. YOU’RE THE BEST!!
Also, thank you for signing up to work on parties and to be a Mystery Reader. In case you didn’t sign up, you will get the chance at POM night. Jenny Park, Caleb’s mom, has graciously volunteered to be our Room Mom, but she needs help. We are looking for another Room Mom or Dad to help her organize the parties….it’s not a big job at all especially if two people volunteer. You do not have to attend every party.

Every child will get one or two turns a month to bring in snack for the class. We are asking for PEANUT AND NUT FREE SNACKS because we have a child who is allergic to nuts. Please read labels because some foods are made in facilities that contain nuts. It will be on the label below ingredients. In addition, please send in healthy snacks low in sugar. Cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and yogart are some of the items we like to hand out. You may bring bottles of juice, just not juice boxes or pouches. Those tiny straws are a pain! Thank you so much for your attention to these matters.

For next week’s theme, our focus will be on “Family and Friends.” If you have not sent your family photo in yet, please do so for our family album.

We will begin our “Investigator Club” soon. “What is the Investigator Club,” you ask? Well, you just have to attend the POM this Thursday night to find out.

I will post our newsletter on this blog every weekend. I always send an email to let you know of a newly published blog. This is where you will find out about what happened during the week so stay tuned!

Have a fabulous week ahead,
Wanda Roussarie and Erika Alger

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